My Followers


Get a nice, branded acoustic guitar <3  

Get a white Yamaha @ Kawai Grand Piano <3 <3

Become more than just an ordinary teacher ...
although I don't promise to have enough passion for this profession  ...

To get his book. I'll love this book the best
after the Holy Bible  (LoLx !)

To travel to other galaxy (Just A Dream - Nelly)

To live a good life as a Christian ^^

Help others, my family and .. of course those who need helps laa ..

Sometimes I can be discriminating,
 hopefully not to the point being selfish  ;P

and lastly ...

Cerpe diEM !

which means ...

sEiZe tHe dAY !

which means ...

LiVe liFe 
bY bEIng mYselF 
tHe bEst vErSiON of mYseLF !

A famous architect answered when he was interviewed. "What's your favourite design among your many great architectures." He replied without hesitation, "My next one."

My next one is the one I be myself best !  


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