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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Take me away ~

It's been a while and I haven't updated my blog. And I'm kinda feeling guilty for this, Hahaha ...
I missed a lot of important things. And I really wish to tell you, but I am not. I guess I never could tell anyone, right ? :P
Well, it's not yours to care to actually ...

but when you thought you are strong
you are the weakest
and when you start to fall 
it's kinda scary to fall to the same place again
only this time,
i know He is with me
in every steps I take

But. I want to thank everyone who had helped me. They might not know it, but I really appreciate them ..

Well, I think I'll not be able to update my blog as update as possible :P
But I try to make time for it, Hihihi ..

We've got tests, amali, and exams. I am totally nervous and  stressed out .. Arrr
Huhu .. well, my plans are doing them the best I could and put some hope to going to excellent ..

I think everyone have the same feeling .. Haha
Me are going now and have a great day everyone ! (^_^)v

Friday, 2 September 2011

When Love is IN the Air

Love is just wonderful
every relationship is wonderful 
doesn't matter if it's just friends
or family 
as long as they are honest and genuine 
it's love


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