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Monday, 20 June 2011

I'am Sorry ...?

Saya pernah tngo ni show Korea .. ni Oppa, Dong Chan Oppa cakap ... [translate suda ah , hihi x)]

New Semester

Well, well, well ... Today, the first day for this new semester :)
Now, I'm in the second year in IPG Kampus Gaya, 
and the second semester for Degree in Mathematics Education ..
Thank God for everything that I've been through :) 
Faced lot of situations, been in the worst, unpredictable,  unpleasant position ..

Friday, 17 June 2011

Any Ideas ?

Baru-baru ini masa cutilaa, baru dapat bertukar-tukar cerita dengan kawan-kawan lama di sekolah menengah ...
Banyak konflik sama perubahan yang tidak disangka-sangka ... Betullah, kalau saya tengo diri sendiri pun ada banyak perubahan suda .. [thank God, for me :D] tapi bila dengar berita kawan-kawan sekelas lagi laa terkejut kalah beruk owh !!.. =_='' [ni masa yang saya cakap, astagha ~~]

Beginning of A new semester, Ending of a great holiday.

Woah, this 3-weeks holiday is amazing. Although I would not say that everything went fine, but what went great are so much better than what went wrong, or went just okay, or went sleepy all day.
I didn't manage to do a few important things such as meeting up with my very close friend although he was also having holiday [for only one week, and that one week I was in my hometown !] Owh, please .. wasn't able to hand him my gift for his birthday, and his present for my birthday =.='' .. Well, let's wait next time .. [s.o.o.n] [and, actually quite miss him, and all my friends too :D]

Then, I didn't manage to learn the Moonlight Sonata, because the piece is about 7 to 8 minutes long .. compared to Kiss The Rain is only about 2 to 4 minutes .. still, I did learn quite a number of songs for guitar and keyboard ..


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