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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Today ..

Wah .. Thank You Lord ... haha .. I'm alive and well fed .. 
(LoL ..) ..
Today, saya da chance pg Likas utk main badminton ..
haha, and I love it .. sebab saya rasa penat n gumbira ... sya suka men badminton .. haha, well hampir suma jenis sukan sya pun suka .. futsal, tenis, bola tampar ... cuma, kalau ada game yg sya nda suka 2 .. saya nda akan suka jg ..haha xD ... and I want to thank kengkawan2 yg sudi main - c Taufik, Charles, Yvonny and c Ben .. ada Khairy n Juing join kami .. hehe .. Saya betul2 berterima kasih sebab dapat main sama2 .. lama dah x main .. Haha ..

Friday, 29 April 2011

Contest 4

Empat perkara yang menggambarkan anda ...

  1.    - Tend to jaga hati orang (walaupun bukan selalu ~~)
  2.    - Pendiam (thats why i dislike orang ckp nonsense)
  3.    - Love music (iPod, dengar lagu)
  4.    - Pelik ! (haha, dunno how to explain, but I'm different from the typical human being! LoL !)

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Yeah !! ..
Minggu depan ni, pada hari Khamis saya dan kawan sekelas, Maths Maniac akan membuat lawatan sambil belajar ke Sekolah Penampang.

Lawatan ini sangat menarik kerana sekolah ini bukan sekolah biasa ataupun sekolah normal. SK Penampang merupakan sekolah untuk kanak-kanak keperluan khas. Di sana akan terdapat kanak-kanak yang mempunyai masalah seperti masalah penglihatan, pembelajaran, pendengaran, pertuturan, fizikal
menerima pendidikan khas.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's Exam Fever

Well , well , well . . .
Here it goes again . . 
E - X - A - M 

i'm sure everyone have a dislike for exams . . .
with everything seems to grab my attention , it's hard to focus on exams . . . 

but , the differences now
if i can compare to all the previous exams i had . . 
this coming exams will be an eye opener . . 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sarawak State Election 2011

It is important to see the result of recently election in Sarawak. Out of 71 seats , BN managed to retain 55 seats , opposition with 15 seats and independent party with one seat . . .

well , well , well . .  as soon as the result came out, pek moh hastily went to sworn-in as Sarawak Chief Minister .a. wow . . why you're rushing ? Honestly , I'dont know .. many assumptions . . he is afraid that najib razak appoints someone else  . . haha ..

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Resident Evil

I just watched Resident Evil series . . form the first to the fourth . . and I have to say that I like the films , especially the first and the second . . well, maybe because the series after the 1st and 2nd become boring . . . Although it has some kind of horror (zombies and killing, mutation and evolution) I can think of valuable lessons from all these advancement in science and technology . Of course, at the first place we're only thinking the benefits . . but soon enough , people are too stupid and reckless to ignore the harmful side effects . .

So , here it is . . . the first movie series of Resident Evil : Resident Evil
Alice, just wake up from the dream of Wonderland . . .

Monday, 11 April 2011

A Disappointment

It always makes me sad
and when I sad , I lose the smile and happiness on my face
I'm not the type of people who can put on another face when I'm sad
and even if I lied , I don't lie with word
I just shut up my mouth , keep quiet . .

what makes me sad , it's distressing 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Hello !! :D

it's been long long time ago . . . i can't even remember the last time i was sick . . 
coughing and sneezing 
with all my might . .
haha . . yeah, it sucks >_<

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Confusion !

Owh d*mn !! .. It's been hard for me ... I was and AM very VERY confused ..
God, I'm really confused ... 
and I can't ......
it's been a week now 
and I can't stand facing questions without true answers ..


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