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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

10 Things About BI Rain

I LOOVEEE Rain because he is soo cool, and cuteee ! 
So, this a few things everyone should know ! (give credit to Caroline Henry)


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Balik IPG

Wah,, dah balik IPG dah sya ni .. 
rasa cuti seminggu ni mcm cuti hujung minggu ja .. haha .. 
tapi rasa nervous jg bab minggu depan untuk seminggu, sya and rakan2 seperjuangan 
akan menJalanKan PBS ! hmm, stands for Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah ! huuuuu ..
I never imagine myself in a school again after finishing my SPM .. 

I want to ...!



Sya ada terfikir mo protest .. protes apa ?
Sya TIDAK akan guna bAHASA mALAYSIA !
sya akan guna bahasa Inggeris and bahasa Ibunda sya [bahasa Dusun] sendiri kalau bercakap, bertutur and berkomunikasi  ..
(sign of I problem)
huh, mcm immature ja ni .. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


We are like fire that gives the light to walk on our journey together. When I joined the Life in Spirit Seminar (LSS) at Kundasang, Ranau I felt like all my burden, pain, sorrow and problems are lifted. I felt so joyful, happy, excited ... Oh, God I wished I could sing Your praises forever ... At that time, I was so happy sangat2 .. like the whole world need to know and experience God's love themselves. And I really wanted to share what I experienced .. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

ucapan ringkas ..

Well, hoorayy !! :D

today is my birthday ... =.=?  March 10, 1992 

I'm officially 19 years old ... 
I just have some words that I wanted to speak out lah ..  

HAHA !!  xD

From me to myself,  
Be grateful .. thank God with your everything you have. You know what He has done for you, and what He will do for you. Give praises and worship to Him for the previous 19 years you lived; the joy, happiness, sadness, pain, loneliness 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wednesday Ash, 9th of March 2011

Wednesday Ash ^_^

marks the first day of Lent 

which will be fasting, repentance, moderation and  spiritual discipline are the things that we need to do during this period ...

Have a Blessed and Meaningful 
Lent first day ^_^

God Bless !

meh p church ramai2 !



Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Okay, honestly ... Ni filem Melayu pertama yg buat sya mau p tengo .. 
Belum keluar lg, tp trailer dah tengok .. 

Huh, walaupun filem action n sejarah .. sya ada spot jg scene2 yg byak melibatkan phiak sana, phiak sini, darah sana sini .. mcm perang lh betul2 ..  xD, tp stilllll , can't wait.

So, since I might go back to Keningau this Saturday ... xD, planning to watch it on the night of 11 March (19, 1) sama kengkawan IP lh .. hehe 

Maths Maniacs - Yvonne, Kady^^ n mungkin sesepa2 lg .. n my roomate  Vell ! hehe 

But before that, lots of  ISL, tutorials are waiting  ^0^'' 

Peace !  :)


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